Too Old To Skate

40 Boneless variations at 40

A guy doing 40 boneless variations to celebrate his 40th birthday!

Moon Duo "Animal" featuring Richie Jackson

Possibly the coolest Repeat-o Rock music video featuring a skateboarder you will ever see!

I'm Tony Alva...

"In this great future you can't forget your past".

"I've never liked rehearsing too much..."

If there's a better way to start the year, let me know...

Lloyd Kahn on Why He Skateboards at 70

I think I saw this video a while back, but didn't realise that the guy featured in it is actually Lloyd Kahn, whose books on self built homes i've been reading over the last year!


More useless old men on skateboards today. Nice one @rickhurst and @arieltt #goodlaughterry #doomramp #dadslash

A video posted by Bob Scumtash (@scumtash) on

Great start to 2015, miniramp skate at the secret doomramp with Bob and Tone!

Tired Skateboards

"Some of us had it, then lost it. Most of us never had it, but still love it. This video is for you... and you too. Welcome to the team."

Fairly Normal

Another year-ender, this time featuring Austyn Gillette.

Bill Strobeck

Closing out the year with a VHS Mag feature on Bill Strobeck...

This Is Janoski

All these years I thought it was Janovski... I've been making an idiot out of myself!

Punk's Not Dead

On the occasion of their new collaboration, Supreme went inside Pettibon's studio to discuss his legacy as the quintessential "punk artist."


Nice edit from Richard Quintero... featuring brian delatorre, alex olson, austyn gillette and anthony pappalardo.

Pops Interview

Going through the 80-odd comments on YouTube for this video was hands-down the singular most depressing experience of my year. And I should know... For anyone with an ounce of soul, please enjoy this superbly candid interview with Anthony, put out this autumn.

Extra Stripe...

Part 2 of the Adidas kid's in Germany. Posting as Lem Villemin's section is just too nice. F**k, and Lucas is in there too... ?!

3 Stripes in Germany...

Adidas team tour in Germany featuring Na-kel and Tyshawn... Supreme!

Cory Kennedy

Latest Fourstar 'Day In The Life' this time featuring Cory Kennedy in Washington State for a day or two... "Look at that set up!".